OBJECT of DESIRE: Performance Engineering for the partnership between the Swiss watch brand IWC and Mercedes


For lovers of Formula 1 and fixed in watches, especially Swiss, the new collection of watches of IWC Ingenieur Schaffhausen for 2013 is a treat. It has been completely refurbished and embodies perfectly the spirit of the new partnership with MERCEDES AMG PETRONAS Formula One Team. Swiss watch factory will, over the next three years, as Official Engineering Partner of the Mercedes-Benz team. For the new collection, the designers and engineers of the IWC let themselves be inspired by Formula 1. Typical motor sport materials, such as carbon fiber, titanium and ceramics, mark a new drawing line within the Iwc watches. The requirement of making technological point of view enhances the fame of IWC Schaffhausen as a company that creates, there are more than 140 years, watches of the highest quality.

Georges Kern, CEO of Schaffhausen, comments on the global partnership with MERCEDES AMG PETRONAS Formula One Team as well: "The engineers of our two companies have many things in common. They share the same passion for precision and technical innovation. Are the heroes behind the scenes that, with high technology and manual labor, launched the Foundation for success Replica Rolex. And, with pioneering spirit and handmade competence, probe the boundaries of mechanics, redefining, constantly the capacity of precision technique. This tireless yearning to perfection is called both companies ' performance engineering. "
The IWC's cooperation with Mercedes-Benz already exists since October 2004, when the watch factory of Schaffhausen announced its partnership with AMG, the high-performance brand of Mercedes. The following year, the IWC launched, for the first time, two models of the AMG name Ingenieursob watch. This long and successful partnership is now extended to Formula 1. As a symbol for the common basis of his work, the IWC Schaffhausen and the MERCEDESAMG PETRONAS Formula One Team collaborate, joining forces in a new cooperation. "We welcome the fact Act, over the next three years, alongside a partner who defends the same values as us," explains Karoline Huber, Marketing Director & Communications. "The formula 1 not only fits perfectly to the IWC's central message –" Engineeredfor men "– but also offers, with its technical challenges, the exciting moments and exciting race against time, an authentic setting to tell exciting stories about the Iwc ."It wasn't just the modern high-tech racing sport that gave rise to new creations of IWC Watches, the historical roots of motor sport inspired also the factory of Schaffhausen to do a special tribute. In the years 30 and 1954/55, the Silberpfeilda race cars Mercedes-Benz dominated international racing cars ". So, the IWC has devoted to this legendary racing cars of Mercedes the Ingenieur Chronograph Silberpfeil.
In 50 years, the family watches Ingenieur, which has a long tradition. Following the motto "progress through constant innovation", the Ingenieur incarnated in the best way, the philosophy of the factory. While its appearance is elegant and functional, their inner life jumps in sight for his mature technique. That are part the first self-winding in both directions and protection against magnetic fields. These meters time soon became symbols of precision and reliability. Due to its resilience, Inge ¬ NIOR not found enthusiastic fans only between technicians, but also between the sportsmen and world travelers. This combination takes, in 2013, when the new release of the watches, therefore a Ingenieur sport that combines all three attributes: the formula 1.

The 2013 Ingenieur Watch collection, completely re Breitling Replica modeled, kicks off with numerous strengths. The pole position is suitable for the Ingenieur Tourbillon constant force with Platinum and ceramics. Its patented constant force mechanism is integrated in a whirlwind, guaranteeing a March of the highest precision. Two kegs provide the highest torque required for the firing of the whirlwind of constant force, feeding the moon phases module with the necessary energy: pure performance. The Iwc perpetual calendar Digital Date-Month tam ¬ also occupies a top place with your titanium aluminídio, perpetual calendar and digital display of the date. To design the drive as efficiently as possible – like the hybrid boost button in formula 1, takes advantage of the principle of energy recovery. At the time of date night, switching your snapshot circuit diverts energy, storing it and download ¬-at the exact same time disseminating at the end of the month and the year. The mostrad

Behind these two high-tech bolides, the starting grid of the 2013 Ingenieur Watch collection is divided into two lines: on the one hand, powerful and time meters purists in stainless steel box, other, sports models whose boxes are inspired by the innovative repertoire of ¬ of formula 1 materials. Christian Knoop, Creative Director at IWC, said that res ¬ chest: "In new line Ingenieur, IWC interprets the theme racing using typical motorized sport materials, such as carbon fibre, titanium and ceramics, and ' loans ' from the point of view of modern cockpit optical Formula 1 cars. Screws attach the glass box, which accentuates even more the technical character and watch sports. We continue, therefore, to develop logically a IWC product family of the highest tradition. Inspired by the story-to which he belongs also the legendary design of Ingenieur SL of important designer watches, Gérald Genta-, "combine in new collection technical innovation with design characteristic. The result is powerful and striking, Ingenieur watches a class apart. "


The Ingenieur watch family history is marked by models that reflected the spirit of his time and at the same time, showed new paths with its forward-looking technique and its design van ¬ guardista. The presentation of the first Engineer in the year 1955, came at a time of growing enthusiasm for technique and economic growth. Your automatic movement with rope on both sides, is the work of the former Technical Director of IWC, Albert Pellaton. The rope Pellaton, especially effective, offered to watch factory a decisive advantage in competition. This also applies to protection against fields magné ¬ ticos. This was explicitly to a professional group which works very often in the field of magnetic fields and that gave the name to the family of watches: Ingenieur (engineers).

In the mid-1970, the independent designer Gerald Genta has revolutionized the look of modern watches ¬ with a language of simple and technically bold. He designed for IWC Schaffhausen the legendary Ingenieur SL. rather than hide the holes required for the construction to screw on the bezel, turned them into hallmark of family of watches.

In 1980, the IWC Ingenieur models equipped with automatic movements, among them the Ingenieur SL in the year 1983 with 10 mm construction height. With the Ingenieur in titanium, the factory of Schaffhausen introduced in 1985, this demanding material also in the family watches Ingenieur. In 1989 the IWC introduced the Ingenieur automatic "500,000 A/m", whose imposing anti-magnetic protection su ¬ performed until a magnetic resonance tomograph with 3.7 million A/m. In 2005, the family watches celebrated its reappearance with three new models. Equipped with large caliber 51113, with rope Pellaton and power reserve for seven days, the Big Ingenieur made furore in 2007. In the following years, the Ingenieur automatic, with its robustness, won profile as reliable time meter for extreme situations.

And the new collection Ingenieur 2013 will surely have as much acceptance among admirers of manufactured sizes of high complexity and the lovers of noisy no Carro Williams formula 1 's high-performance engines.


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